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Unemployed in the UK Unemployed in the UK

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The same kind of scare tactics were used by Bush in the US to get reelected. "Vote for me or else the terrorists will get you"
Sad thing is I actually spoke with people that thought this was true...
If only there was an IQ test required to vote... at any rate you should work on synching the sounds to mouth movement and keep the volume level more consistent.

The Ninja 2 (Stopmotion) The Ninja 2 (Stopmotion)

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Awesome... You should make sets though... like ummmm... backgrounds and stuff... would be cooler than a coffe cup w/a pencil in it... also a story would be nice. I think you've reached the point where you should start doing plots, you have the skill to make whatever...

Nonsense-Ninja responds:

weeeellll, i do have movies with plots, but they are about 21-60 mb, they are live action ones.

The Ninja (stopmotion) The Ninja (stopmotion)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Cool, I randomly came across that as a recent submission, bro. Well done, old top.

Nonsense-Ninja responds:

Hey thanks Brotha'!!!

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Weird Ideas Weird Ideas

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cheesey and lame... sorry

cheesey and lame... sorry...

muppethunter responds:

Don't criticize someone when you haven't posted anything to back yourself up.